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KII Couplings, Flange Adaptors and Dismantling Joints

TRUFLO provides a comprehensive range of Pipeline Connection products that includes couplings, flange adaptors, dismantling joints and stepped couplings. Our entire product range makes use of the unique KII rubber gasket design which allows for driptight sealing across a wide range of pipe diameters, pipeline materials and pressure ratings. Our product range includes but is not limited to:

KII Couplings

KII couplings are uncomplicated. Our standard coupling consists of a Centre Sleeve located between two Rubber Gaskets which are in turn housed inside two End Rings. When the captivated 'Oval' cup Bolts are tightened, the End Rings draw closer to one another compressing the tapered rubber Gaskets between the pipe outside surface and coupling Sleeve inner surface. This results in a flexible leak-tight compression seal between the two pipes

The captivated head of the Bolt prevents the Bolt from rotating when the Nuts are tightened. This allows for assembly utilising only one spanner.

The more the Bolts are tightened the greater the compression force exerted on the rubber Gasket. At the specified torque ratings the coupling assembly will result in a permanent leak proof connection between two plain-ended pipes.

KII couplings have the ability to absorb expansion and contraction in pipeline which results from temperature variations. In addition, KII couplings accommodate a specified degree of pipeline deflection which may result from lateral displacement and ground settlement.


KII SmartFit Couplings

Accommodates a wide range of pipe sizes, KII Smartfit couplings caters for sizes from 40mm to 800mm NB.

KII Dedicated Couplings

KII Dedicated Couplings joins pipes from 40mm to 1600mm NB and is ideally suited for higher pressure applications.

KII Long Barrel Couplings for HDPE Pipe

TRUFLO KII Long Barrel Couplings caters specifically for HDPE pipe because of its unique expansion and contraction characteristics. It is available for sizes from 40mm to 800mm NB, with any length of barrel


KII Step Coupling

KII Step Couplings joins pipes with different outside diameters, and/or from different pipe materials where the sizes fall outside the range of the TRUFLO KII Smartfit coupling. It is available for sizes from 40mm to 1600mm NB.

KII Make-up Ring Sleeve Coupling

KII Make-up Ring Sleeve Couplings joins pipes with different outside diameters where there is large steps between pipe sizes. It is also utilised on slopes to prevent pipe creep where the one pipe slide into the other. It is available for sizes from 40mm to 1600mm NB.


KII Universal Flange Adaptors

Combining Smartfit wide range technology with universal flange drillings, KII Universal Flange Adaptors accommodates pipes sizes between 50mm to 300mm NB, and in most PN10 and PN16 flange drillings.

KII Dedicated Flange Adaptors

KII Dedicated Flange Adaptors are available for pipes from 40mm to 1600mm NB. It can be supplied in any flange drilling from PN6 to PN40.

KII flange adaptors are provided with flat mating faces. These are suitable for bolting to both flat and raised faces. The same gasket loading characteristics can be obtained as with a raised face assembly.

Pressure Ratings

KII flange adaptors are supplied to suit the pressure rating of the flange, unless specifically ordered otherwise. TRUFLO Provides Flange Adaptors in Pressure Ratings of PN10. PN16, PN25 and PN40 as standard.,/p>


TRUFLO provides flange adaptors in two different sleeve designs namely:

Straight Sleeve

The standard form of flange adaptor has a straight sleeve and a flat face. The PCD for the flange drilling varies according to the pressure rating of the flange as well as its nominal size .

Expanded Sleeve

Specifically for use with very thick walled pipe such as Fibre Cement or Concrete, the expanded sleeve can also be used when the nominal sizes of the flange and the pipe are different e.g. connecting DN300 pipe to a DN250 valve).


KII Dismantling Joints

KII provides a Dismantling Joint design that is double flanged and allows for longitudinal adjustment in flanged pipe systems and therefore greater flexibility at the planning, installation and subsequent maintenance stages of flanged pipework systems.

KII Dismantling Joints accommodates for up to 50mm longitudinal adjustment and can be locked at a required length with the tie rods that are supplied as standard. This allows for fast and simple maintenance of valves and pumps.

Dismantling Joints simplifies future pipework modifications and reduces down time. Tie rods act as flange jointing bolts, reducing the number of flange bolts required. The harnessing capacity accommodated within the bolt circle, eliminating other complex anchoring systems and reducing space requirements.

The gasket is compressed independently of the tie rods. Sealing failure cannot occur once the gasket is compressed to the required torque.

Custom made Dismantling Joints are available on request

KII Dismantling Joints are manufactured to the highest possible quality and tested to the most exacting standards to ensure that they outlast the pipes on which they are fitted.

All KII Dismantling Joints are fully end load resistant and have a pressure rating equal to that of the flange.

KII Dismantling Joints are available in sizes DN50 to DN1600 and for pressure ratings of PN10, PN16, PN25 and PN40

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