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Veroflo Tees, Laterals And Sweep Tees


Tees, Scour Tees, Laterals and Sweep Tees

VEROFLO provides a comprehensive range of fabricated Tees, Scour Tees, Laterals and Sweep Tees in sizes DN50 to DN1600 and for pressure rating PN6 to PN64. Tees depending on pressure rating and size are reinforced with either gussets, saddles or crotch plates.

Factors that differentiates a VeroFlo Tees are:

Large size and pressure range – Sizes DN50 to DN1600 and pressure ratings of PN6 to PN64.

Designed fit for purpose – each Tee is manufactured from customer approved drawings. The materials thicknesses, coatings and end connections are selected to suit the application.

Each Tee is analysed according to size and pressure rating and application and is re-enforced if needed with either a Saddle, Gusset or Crotch Plate

Large range of end connections – VeroFlo Tees are available either Plain ended, Socketed, Flanged or Shouldered or any combination of end connection to suit the client’s requirements.

Suitable for all applications – Our Tees are epoxy coated to 300 microns as standard. Alternatively, our Tees are also available in full stainless steel 304 or 316.

Short Lead times – Our Tees are 100% locally manufactured. Lead times are therefore very short even for our larger sizes.

Complete solutions – VEROFLO Tees are part of a wider range of pipeline complimentary products which include VEROFLO Pipeline Fittings, KII Couplings, Flange Adaptors, Dismantling Joints, AIRFLO Air Valves and CHECKFLO Check Valves and KII Double Offset Butterfly Valves.

Unparalleled sales, technical and after sales support – We pride ourselves on our quality and service. Each order is processed with care, manufactured with precision with the highest quality of materials relative to cost and delivered in the shortest possible time. Each product is backed up by sound technical expertise.

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For uncomplicated & efficient air & surge management & pipeline operation