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Series BCB Nozzle Check Valves



CheckFlo provides a range of Silent Check and Nozzle Check Valves that prevent Water Hammer and reverse flow and insure long and trouble free operation.

Each check valve in our range balances the capital cost with ease of installation and performance to provide an optimum solution to the end user.

CheckFlo Check Valves were designed utilising the latest in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. Each validated design was heavily prototyped and refined followed by independent flow and hydrostatic testing. This has resulted in a light weight moving assembly with excellent flow and dynamic characteristics for each design type. The result is that CheckFlo Check Valves provides the best combination of flow efficiency and excellent dynamic response in comparison to any conventional check valve design.

CheckFlo BCB Annular Ring Nozzle Check Valves

Size Range:
DN 50 - DN 1200 - Large Size available on request

Pressure Range: PN 10 - PN 63

  • Non-slam closure
  • Low pressure loss
  • Maintenance free
  • Metal to Metal sealing
  • Low friction disc guiding

The Annular Ring design consists of ring disc mounted on a multiple spring and radial guide assembly thereby minimising the frictional forces and ensures quick closure. The annular flow paths, the valve profile and the diffuser combine to ensure that the valve provides excellent pressure recovery properties and minimal headloss characteristics.

Type BCB-SF - The Annular disc design is a short face to face design that provides the customer a reduced weight and a lower cost solution in applications where marginally higher pressure drops can be accepted.

Type BCB-LF – This is a longer face to face Annular Ring disc design that provides optimum pressure recovery performance hence minimum pressure loss.

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