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KII End Caps



KII End Caps are designed for testing and blanking off a pipeline. It is important to note that the assembly must have suitable external support to prevent movement under pressure.

Product Range
KII End Caps are available for pipelines with nominal diameters of 50mm to 1600mm and for pressure ratings of PN 6 to PN64 as standard.

KII End Caps are used for testing of and/or for blanking off pipeline ends.

Our End Caps are provided as standard with a wide sealing tolerance and a longer socket as standard for ease of installation over a variety of pipeline materials or diameters.

KII End Caps are highly customisable and can be supplied with sockets or flanged inlets to the client’s specification for pressure testing.

Quality and Local Manufacture
KII End Caps is a 100% locally manufactured, high quality product with short lead times and a great degree of adaptability in materials combinations and operating options. Distinguishing factors of the KII End Cap are:

  • Wide Range fit as standard in sizes 50mm to 800mm
  • Ribbed Rubber Gasket for sealing on any type of pipe surface.
  • Deep socket as standard for ease of installation
  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated as standard to 300 microns regardless of size. Other coatings available on request.
  • Specifically designed lugs that are robust and cannot bend or distorted due to poor installation practice
  • Highly customisable to suit the application.

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