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Flowing Forward

TruFlo moves forward with an innovative range of inline , spring loaded Swing Check, Silent Check and Nozzle Check valves that are specifically designed to dampen surges in pipelines. The CheckFlo Check valves are available in sizes DN50 to DN1200 and for pressure ratings of PN16 to PN40 as standard.

Quality by Design not Inspection

With VeroFlo Pipe Fittings quality begins with the intimate understanding of the client’s needs. Our team interprets the needs into clear dimensioned drawings, process flows and materials of construction to ensure we do not just meet but exceed customer expectation in terms of quality, service and cost.

Excellence in Action

VeroFlo Pipe Fittings are fabricated in an ISO 9001 facility to tightly controlled Quality Plans utilising the highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff to ensure performance every time at the point of application.

KII - Proudly South African

The KII brand of Couplings, Flange Adaptors and Dismantling Joints is 100% locally manufactured to the highest possible standards and performance relative to pressure rating and application.

KII - Your Pipeline Jointing Solution

KII Couplings, Flange Adaptors and Dismantling Joints have grown from a specialised range of Coupling to one of the most comprehensive range of Pipeline Jointing Solutions. Try us for speed, product range and performance!

Commitment to Ultimate Performance!

AirFlo Variable Orifice Air Valves is the only design to have undergone SABS Verification Performance testing of our entire range from DN25 to DN300

When Size Matters!

AirFlo Variable Orifice Air Valves have been used on the largest pipelines in South Africa and are available in sizes DN25 to DN300 as standard and pressures of up to PN100.

Uncomplicated and Efficient Surge Protection

AirFlo patented Variable Orifice Air Valves provides the most sophisticated surge protection in an uncomplicated , maintenance free design.

Leading Through Innovation!

AirFlo patented Variable Orifice air valve technology is the greatest advance in air valve design in more than 20 years.


TruFlo is an internationally trusted designer, manufacturer and supplier to flagship pipeline infrastructure projects and wherever high quality Valves, Pipe Fittings and Coupling products are required. 

We are established on a clear vision and a solid foundation of innovation that draws from our infinite pool of resourcefulness, in house engineering and design expertise.

Our problem solving capacity is legendary as we take the time to ask questions, listen and deliver solutions even for a once off application; that is how we create long term relationships and brand advocates.

We promise our customers uncompromised quality and performance in every product we produce. This promise pushes us to always exceed expectations, delivering reliable and efficient products on time thereby building customer loyalty one valve or fitting at a time.





Airflo Air Valves

AIRFLO Variable Orifice Air Valves are the most advanced, efficient and economical form of pipeline protection. The Variable Orifice design is the culmination of years of research and practical know how to deliver a product with optimum performance and efficient solutions for challenging pipeline applications. AirFlo is available for both Water and Sewer pipelines in sizes DN25 to DN300 and for Pressure ratings of PN16 to PN100.

KII Couplings, Flange Adaptors, Dismantling Joints and Step Couplings

TruFlo offers a range of both Dedicated Wide Fit Couplings, Flange Adaptors, Step Couplings and Dismantling Joints in sizes 40mm to 1600mm as standard to suit any possible pipeline material. Larger sizes are available upon request.

VeroFlo Fabricated Steel Fittings

TruFlo supplies a complete range of Fabricated Steel Fittings in sizes DN50 to DN1200 and for Pressure Ratings of up to PN100. Fittings are fabricated from certified pipe and tube and are epoxy coated to 300 microns as standard.

CheckFlo Silent Check and Nozzle Check Valves

TruFlo range of CheckFlo valves are a compact spring assisted range of inline Check Valves that prevent Water Hammer and reverse flow and insure long and trouble free operation. Valves are available in sizes DN50 to DN1200 as standard and for pressure ratings of PN16 to PN40 as standard. Higher pressures and larger sizes are available upon request.

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For uncomplicated & efficient air & surge management & pipeline operation