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AirFlo Sizing Programme


Sizing and Positioning Programme

The correct sizing and positioning of air valves presents one of the biggest challenges in pipeline design. AirFlo has simplified the process whilst increasing the accuracy in design by introducing a state of the art, free of charge, air valve sizing software.

The software is available as either an online or a standalone version. Further, the AirFlo sizing and positioning software analysis for pumping or gravity mains of any pipeline diameter, materials and length and for both water and sewer applications.

With the AirFlo sizing software, the design engineer simply inputs the system data in an intuitive and user friendly interface in a choice of Metric or Imperial units. The system data including scour valves, check valves and inline valves can be imported from Excel.

Based on the input, the programme will automatically size and position the air valves based on:

  • The Pipeline filling velocity
  • Potential Pipeline rupture
  • Drainage based on scour conditions
  • Optimum distance between valves

The programme, for ease of reference, identifies the valves by colour according to the basis on which they were selected. In addition, the programme allows the engineer the discretion to delete valves or, to quickly rerun an analysis based on different spacing, pipeline material and/or flow parameters to compare different results.

Calculated results include the size, pressure rating and model number of the selected valves. All results can also be printed or, exported to other software programmes.

AirFlo sizing is specific to AirFlo air valves and the use of the programme allows the engineer to:

Optimise Vacuum protection under pipeline drainage and burst by selecting the air valve according to the pipe material’s characteristic and the pipeline profile.

  • Ensure safe and controlled pipeline filling without any harm to the pipeline
  • Enhances pipeline efficiency through effective pressurised air release.
  • Enhance surge protection
  • Reduce air valve procurement costs.

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