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KII Stepped Couplings


Stepped Couplings and Make Ring Sleeve Couplings

KII Stepped Coupling
KII Stepped Couplings joins pipes with different outside diameters, and/or from different pipe materials where the sizes fall outside the range of the Rexus KII Smartfit coupling. It is available for sizes from 40mm to 1600mm NB.

KII Make-up Ring Sleeve Coupling
KII Make-up Ring Sleeve Couplings joins pipes with different outside diameters where there is large steps between pipe sizes. It is also utilised on slopes to prevent pipe creep where the one pipe slide into the other. Our Make Up Ring Sleeve Couplings are available for sizes from 40mm to 800mm NB.

Moulded Rubber Gaskets - all our rubber gaskets, regardless of size are moulded and not glued providing a superior performance.

Rubber Gasket Profile - all our gaskets have a specific ribbed sealing profile to ensure drip-tight sealing regardless of the pipe surface.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating - all our Couplings regardless of size are fusion bonded epoxy coated to 300 microns as standard. Couplings exposed to sunlight are coated with an additional UV resistant coating.

Barrel lengths – Our standard Stepped Coupling barrels are longer than other designs as a matter of standard. This is to allow for ease of installation.

Short Lead times – Our Couplings are 100% locally manufactured. Lead times are therefore very short even for our larger sizes.

Complete solutions – KII Couplings are part of a wider range of pipeline complimentary products which include VEROFLO Pipeline Fittings, KII Couplings, Flange Adaptors, Dismantling Joints, AIRFLO Air Valves and CHECKFLO Check Valves and KII Double Offset Butterfly Valves.

Unparalleled sales, technical and after sales support – We pride ourselves on our quality and service. Each order is processed with care, manufactured with precision with the highest quality of materials relative to cost and delivered in the shortest possible time. Each product is backed up by sound technical expertise.

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